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Tue 13 Nov 2012 |


Answer key for general test 11

Answer key for general test 11

1) c                2) c                3) b           4) b               5) a    

6) a                7) c                8) a           9) b             10) a 

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Mon 21 Jan 2013 |


General test 11

General test 11

safora majzobi                                            7

farnaz yar mohammadi                             10

ali reza godarzi                                           8

faezeh majzobi                                           8

mahshad karimi                                         9

noshin tavangar zadeh                             9

shiva rahimi                                                9

arezo syahati                                              9

navid rezaei                                                9

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Mon 21 Jan 2013 |




Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for 

the (ITALICIZED) word or words in each sentence below. 

1) Jack has been too busy with his work to date anyone recently.

a) to see about

b) to make out

c) to go out with

2) The manager wanted her assistant to ascertain when the 

products would be delivered.

a) to make good time

b) to get rid of

c) to make sure 

3) YOU should stir the milk and eggs before you add the butter.

a) cut down on

b) mix up

c) come from

4) I was so nervous about giving the speech that I learned every 

word by memorizing.

a) by myself

b) by heart

c) now and then

5) the weather is so bad today that we should definitely 

postpone the picnic.

a) put off

b) call off

c) see about

6) George never seems to study. How is he progressing in his 


a) making out

b) coming from

c) looking over

7) The test instructions were so poorly written that the students 

were confused about what to do.

a) were attended to

b) paid attention 

c) were mixed up

8) This yellow tie doesn`t match your blue jacket at all.

a) go with

b) get rid of 

c) come from

9) John enjoys going hiking with his friends. They take a hike 

together every second weekend.

a) every now and then

b) every other

c) all weekend long

10) This tablecloth is too old to use anymore; would you mind if 

we discard it?

a) get rid of

b) come from

c) see to

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Tue 15 Jan 2013 |




A poor workman blames his tools

ترجمه : کارگر بی مهارت، ابزارش را مقصر می داند 

مترادف فارسی: عروس نمی تونه برقصه ، می گه زمین کجه

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

ترجمه: یک پرنده در دست ، بهتر از دوتا روی درخت است

مترادف فارسی: سرکه نقد به از حلوای نسیه است


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Tue 15 Jan 2013 |


answer key for general test 10

answer key for general test 10

1) a              2) c               3) c                  4) b                  5) a    

6) a              7) b               8) c                  9) b                10) b 

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Tue 15 Jan 2013 |


test 10

General test 10

mahshad karimi                                           9

ali reza godarzi                                            7

noshin tavangarzadeh                               6

farnaz yar mohammadi                             9

faezeh majzobi                                           6

safora majzobi                                            6

sina falah zadeh                                          8

navid rezaei                                                 7

marziye derakhshan                                  4

arezo syahati                                               7

shiva rahimi                                                6

shokofeh heidari                                        5

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Sat 12 Jan 2013 |





Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for 

the (ITALICIZED) word or words in each sentence below. 

1)When we finally decided to eat out, we got ready rapidly.

a) in no time

b) on time 

c) as soon as

2) Joe has  never been able to become adjusted to  getting up 

early in the morning.

a) used to

b) to be used to

c) to get used to

3) I have a lot of trouble breathing well when I run, so I guess 

that I should reduce smoking.

a) be in charge of

b) throw away

c) cut down on

4) While I was reading in bed last night, the phone in the kitchen

 rang, so I had to arise  to answer it.

a) to wake up

b) to get up

c) to be used to   

5) Many people at the beach were wearing jackets because the

 wind was cool.

a) Quite a few

b) As soon as

c) Few and far between

6) Would you contact  the Jacksons and tell them that we`ve put

 off the garage sale?

a) get in touch with

b) be in charge of 

c) have a good time

7) When my parents were ready to leave, we went out to dinner.

a) At first

b) As soon as

c) All of a sudden

8) Jack made the engine of his car useless by forgetting to add oil

 to it regularly.

a) got worse

b) used to

c) wore out

9) The boat was moving in backward and forward motion because of the large waves on the ocean.

a) at least

b) back and forth

c) on purpose

10) Vera had the habit to bite her nails until they were very

 short, but now she is stopped doing that.

a) has been used to

b) used to

c) cut back on

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Thu 10 Jan 2013 |


headway 2 part 2


oral(30)written(50)class activity(20)final(100)
rostami mina

asadi samaneh

torabi romina

serkani anahita

sabetian ali reza

kolahchi mohammad

rahimi shiva

gilandoust mojdeh

syahati arezo

hemati akbar

yar mohammadi farnaz

falah zadeh sina

shahbazian shiva

almasi behzad

amiri mahya

goharian fahimeh


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Tue 8 Jan 2013 |


General test 9

General test 9

mahshad karimi                                       10

farnaz yar mohammadi                          10

ali reza godarzi                                          8

zeinab safdari                                            9

noshin tavangar zadeh                            8

safora majzobi                                           7

faezeh majzobi                                          8

navid rezaei                                               9

rohullah abedi                                           9

shiva rahimi                                               7

arezo siyahati                                            8

marziye derakhshan                                9

mohammad hemati                                  9

sina falah zadeh                                        9

Sat 5 Jan 2013 |





Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for 

the (ITALICIZED) word or words in each sentence below. 

1) Don`t discard those old cardboard boxes; Jim can use them 

for packing his things when he moves to a new apartment.

a) put away

b) throw away

c) wear out

2) If you had concentrated on what I said, I wouldn`t have to 

repeat myself. 

a) paid attention to

b) had to do with

c) turned around

3) I plan to stay in school temporarily and take more


a) out of the question

b) over and over again

c) for the time being

4) How do our children make their pants useless in such a short 


a) take turns

b) dress up

c) wear out

5) Before George takes a college-level biology class, he should 

review his biology from high school.

a) brush up on 

b) look over

c) be about to

6) I liked that movie to much that I could watch it repeatedly.

a) out of the question 

b) taking turns

c) over and over again

7) Betty can`t understand why she`s having trouble with the 

engine of her car.

a) turn around

b) figure out

c) step out

8) This message from Tom has no connection with plans for 

the party tonight.

a) is out of the question

b) doesn`t fall in love with

c) has nothing to do with

9) Sally was ready to take a shower when the phone range, so 

she answered it.

a) was about to

b) took turns to

c) had better

10) I`m tired of working; let`s leave home for a while and shop 

for groceries.

a) turn around

b) go out

c) call it a day 


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Thu 3 Jan 2013 |


answer key for general test 8

answer key for general test 8

1) c                 2) b                        3) a               4) a                 5) c  

6) c                 7) c                        8) b                9) b               10) a 

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Tue 1 Jan 2013 |




All_in_all  =========> رویهم رفته، بطور کلی، از همه چیز مهمتر

All_in_all , it was a nice trip. رویهم رفته سفر خوبی بود

Argy_ bargy=======> جرو بحث. جدل

There was a hard argy_bargy between people at the meeting.

  جرو بحث زیادی بین افراد جلسه در گرفت

Arty_crafty=========> هنرمند مآب. هنرمندانه

What an arty_crafty work you are doing!  

عجب کار هنرمندانه ای انجام می دهی

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Sun 30 Dec 2012 |



general test 8

1) Zeinab safdari                                                    7

2) Farnaz yar mohammadi                                     8

3) Ali reza godarzi                                                 8

4) Mahshad karimi                                                 5

5) Navid rezaei                                                      6

6) Noshin tavangar zadeh                                     8

7) Shiva rahimi                                                      5

8) Arezo siyahati                                                   6

9) Marziye derakhshan                                          7

10) Mohammad hemmati                                      8

11)  Sina falah zade                                              8

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Sun 30 Dec 2012 |




آدم گرسنه دین و ایمان ندارد =A hungry man is an angry man

   هر چه پیش آید خوش آید=Everything that comes, let it be welcome 

  از آب گل آلود ماهی گرفتن=Fish in troubled water

آتش بیار معرکه =Pour oil on the flames

آب در هاون کوبیدن =Flog a dead horse

از دل برود هر آنکه از دیده رود=out of sight, out of mind

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Sat 8 Dec 2012 |




Pour oil on the flames = آتیش بیار معرکه

Let the cat out of the bag = پته کسی را به آب دادن

Cat got your tongue = موش زبونتو خورده؟

Out you go = بزن به چاک 

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Wed 5 Dec 2012 |




The cat dreams of mice = شتر در خواب بیند پنبه دانه

Business is business =حساب حساب است کاکا برادر 

Stop beating about the bush = خودت را به کوچه علی چپ نزن

Such as tree is , such is the fruit = از کوزه برون همان تراود که در اوست

The only answer to fool is silence = جواب ابلهان خاموشی است 

Strike while the iron is hot =تا تنور داغ است نان را بچسبان 

Sun 25 Nov 2012 |



TO GET ROUND A PERSON = قلق کسی را بدست آوردن

               ONE NAIL DRIVES ANOTHER = غم نو غم کهنه را از یاد می برد

           A SOUND MIND IN A SOUND BODY = عقل سالم در بدن سالم است 

TOUCH WOOD = گوش شیطان کر

HOW DID YOU MAKE OUT? =  شیری یا روباه؟           

Mon 19 Nov 2012 |




Penny dropped= دوزاریت افتاد

My turn will come= نوبت من هم میرسه

Half a loaf is better than no bread= کاچی بهتر از هیچیه

Firs came first served=آسیاب به نوبت

Wed 14 Nov 2012 |


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